Kettlebell Basic's, Intermediate and Advanced DVD PACKAGE

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Kettlebell Basic's, Intermediate and Advanced DVD PACKAGE Summary

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Now you can completely master Kettlebell training with this complete
3 SET, 6 DVD Kettlebell Package that includes:

#DVD 1 - 'Kettlebell Basic DVD 
#DVD 2 - PLUS 'Kettlebell Intermediate 3 Disc DVD' Set 
#DVD 3 - PLUS 
Kettlebell Advanced 2 Disc DVD

7hrs of THE best Kettlebell training PLUS 36 Weeks of Training Programmes!

The most comprehensive instructional DVD PACKAGE on Kettlebell training by the UK's No 1 Kettlebell Instructor Guy Noble – ALL Complete with progressive 12 week training programmes.

Cuts through the myths of Kettlebell training and teaches you exactly how it should be done.

These DVD's will coach you step by step through the fundamentals of Kettlebell training breaking down each movement, giving the most comprehensive instruction on Kettlebell training ever!

Here’s what you get…………….

#1 Kettlebell BASIC DVD Includes:  

Understanding correct hip drive and positioning for safe and effective
technique....and why this is important. 

- Swings and variations
- Cleans including correct rack position
- Correct pressing technique from rack position
- Swing snatch with progressions
- Lunges and variation
- Basic row movements
- Basic squat movements
- and finally the 2 classic Kettlebell exercises.... the windmill and Turkish get up
- Includes 4 different Kettlebell programs so you can get straight into Kettlebell training

BONUS - A FULL 12 week schedule with weekly progressions to put your 
newly acquired knowledge into a practical, easy to follow program that will get 
you in the best shape ever!!! 

 Running time approx.: 90 mins

#2- Kettlebell INTERMEDIATE - 3 Disc DVD

Almost 3hrs of Step by Step Coaching
 from the UK's No:1 Kettlebell Instructor,coaches you step by step through each Kettlebell movement using correct technique, safely and effectively for maximum results - probably THE most comprehensive Kettlebell Instruction that you'll find anywhere.

- Double Swings and how using different weights in each hand changes core recruitment patterns

- Multi-Directional Swings to improve proprioception and balance for improved sports performance

- Double Cleans and snatches for more explosive hip drive

- Double front and back squats to work the body as one functional unit

- New pulling and pushing movements for better overall conditioning

- Core exercises that will turn your midsection into a powerhouse of strength

Includes 4 different workouts to improve on your previous conditioning and fitness

#1 BONUS - A FULL 12 Week Schedule with weekly progressions to put your newly acquired knowledge in to practical and easy to follow program that delivers results!

#2 BONUS - 4 Different Workouts 

Running time Approx.: 160 mins             

#3 - Kettlebell ADVANCED - 2 Disc DVD 

Now you've mastered the Basics and Intermediate, its time to progress with 
the Advanced kettlebell moves......not for the faint hearted!

- Double heavy swings for explosive strength
- Power swings for dynamic hip drive and increased eccentric core recruitment
- Single & Double power snatches for increased speed-strength to improve neuromuscular
efficiency, key in most cyclic sports
- 1 hand & double jerk movements to improve starting strength for sports that require great initial speed such as the combat sports and racquet sports
- Advanced lunge movements such as walking/kicking lunge for increased hamstring recruitment
- combination drills for power endurance
- spin & catch drills for hand eye co-ordination
- plyometric drills to bridge the gap between strength training and speed strength training

#1 BONUS - A FULL 12 Week Schedule with weekly progressions to maximise your strength and power for much greater conditioning.

Running time approx: 145mins

Completely master Kettlebell Training with this Complete DVD Package that Includes:

#DVD 1 - 
Kettlebell Basic DVD

#DVD 2 - PLUS Kettlebell Intermediate 3 Disc Set

 Advanced Kettlebell 2 Disc DVD

7 hours of THE best kettlebell training PLUS 36 Weeks of Training Programmes!


SPECIAL OFFER - SAVE £15.00’s (When Ordering Together)

RRP: £94.97 YOU PAY ONLY: £79.99

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